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Associated Projects

Metabolite Changes in Biodiversity Levels and Seasonal Shifts (MacBeSSt)

Principle Investigators: Dr. Steffen Neuman, Halle; Dierk Scheel, Prof. Dr. Helge Bruelheide, Halle; Kristian Peters; Prof. Nicole van Dam, Jena

The MacBeSSt project focuses on combining different experimental and analytical methods to investigate metabolomic changes within and between plant species grown in the Jena Experiment.
Liquid Chromatography, coupled with Mass Spectrometry, along with automated processing methods, are used as analytical tools for 'metabolite fingerprint' investigations in herb and grass species that grew in different plant communities and biodiversity levels. The vegetative aboveground biomass was sampled at four time-points across the growing season May to October.
By determining biochemical patterns and trait relationships between plant species, species communities and the environment, this project aims to build a bridge between the research areas ecology, biochemistry and bioinformatics.

PhD student: Susanne Marr