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spZ1 Coordination

The secret of having a green lawn lies in effective field management. In the central project we therefore maintain the research infrastructure and the experimental plots as the basis for the research platform. The large number of plots (more than 600 individual research plots) and the high number of people involved in field work and data collection requires therefore a substantial coordination effort which is realized in close cooperation between all subprojects. Different plant species are being part of the assemblage in diverse mixtures in our plots. The most troublesome is therefore weeding of species and awareness of different management strategies (e.g. mowing) of plots and subplots for the different experiments.

Since 2011, we also used a new facility that bridges gaps between our real field observations and the simplicity of laboratory using Ecotron Controlled Environment Facility in Montepellier (France). Ecotron was initiated by the Life Sciences department of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and is open to international researchers. Here we used 12 climate controlled chambers allows us to replicate and verify experiments that we have in the real world at our field site in Jena. It is possible to simulate environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, water conditions, CO2) and to measure the main fluxes. In other words our coordination team is responsible for both scientific and technical questions around the installation, maintenance of the research site as well as the collection and analysis of long-term data on communities in flora and fauna.

Scientific coordinator:
Dr. Anne Ebeling
FSU Jena
Tel.: +49.3641.94.9437

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang W. Weisser
Email / Web
Tel.: ++49.8161.71.3496

Prof. Ph.D. Susan Trumbore
Email / Web

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schmid
University of Zurich
Email / Web
Tel.: ++41.44.363.8816

Participating head

Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
University of Bern
Tel. ++41.31.631.4943

Dr. Alexandra Weigelt
University of Leipzig
Tel.: ++49.341.973.8594

Prof. Dr. Stefan Halle
FSU Jena
Tel.: ++49.3641.94.9401