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sp9 Modelling

Our project investigates the mechanistic causes od the interannual variation of species performance and aims at relating those to the fluctuating abiotic conditions, namely availability of soil water and energy (light and temperature). For this subproject we use statistical analysis based on the available data of climate and soil water content gathered within the past years of the Jena Experiment, combined with observations of species-specific biomass and species traits. Our goal is to shed light on processes underlying the observed turnover of dominant species in the Jena Experiment between years, particularly with regard to the role of trait trade-offs and species interactions.

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Principal Investigator:

Prof. Anke Hildebrandt'
University of Jena
Email / Web
Tel.: ++49.3641.57.6189

Prof. Dr. Boris Schröder
TU Braunschweig
Email / Web
Tel.: ++49.531.391.5628

Participating head

Prof. Dr. Christian Wirth
University of Leipzig
Tel.: ++49.341.9738.5900

Dr. Christiane Roscher
Tel.: ++49.3455.58.5317