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sp5 Temporal stability and plant niche complementarity

The quest to find the underlying mechanisms of observed productivity-biodiversity relationships has often focused on nutrient, light and water use complementarity. We use a unique combination of digital imaging techniques, fine-scale canopy inventories and plant trait assessments (e.g. phenology) to assess how niches change in response to diversity, allowing communities to exploit resources (i.e. water use efficiency, community productivity and development).

Based on these high-resolution measurements within the Jena Experiment we will acquire proxy data of community structure and functioning to address our overarching hypothesis that spatial and temporal niche complementarities contribute to the observed biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Nina Buchmann
ETH Zurich
Email / Web
Tel.: ++41.44.632.3959

Prof. Dr. Christian Wirth
University Leipzig
Email / Web
Tel.: ++49.341.9738.5900

Participating head

Dr. Hella Ahrends
University of Cologne
Tel.: ++

Dr. Björn Reu
University of Leipzig
Tel.: ++49.0341.97.38587

Dr. Raphael Proulx
Université du Québec
Tel.: ++1.819.376.5011 (3355)