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sp6 Root turnover

Making up as much as 70% of plant biomass, roots are the major structure of a plant. To a large extent, the roots determine the outcome of competitive interactions with neighbours and they play a pivotal role for ecosystem services such as nutrient retention and carbon sequestration. And yet, in contrast to aboveground biomass, we still know very little about their dynamics, behaviour and functional traits, particularly in the light of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships.


Taking Soil Samples

We therefore aim to elucidate how biodiversity affects root dynamics - including species specific root biomass and traits - and how root dynamics, in turn, drive ecosystem processes.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Alexandra Weigelt
University of Leipzig
Email / Web
Tel.: ++49.341.973.8594

Dr. Lieslje Mommer
Wageningen University
Email / Web
Tel.: ++31.317.48.6944

Participating head

Prof. Hans de Kroon
University of Nijmegen
Tel.: ++31.24.365.3380

Prof. Dr. Michael Scherer-Lorenzen
University of Freiburg
Tel.: +49.761.203.5014

Prof. Dr. Arthur Gessler
Tel.: ++49.334.3282.326