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sp2 Plant–soil fauna interactions

Plant biodiversity experiments are rooted in the soil. In the Jena Experiment we study the abundance and activity of soil organisms to investigate their role in the relationship between plant diversity and ecosystem functioning.

Soil Cake, (c) Gerlinde De Deyn

Our subproject explores long-term effects of plant diversity as well as plant trait diversity effects on soil organisms like microorganisms, meso- and macrofauna. In complementary greenhouse experiments, we study feedback effects of soil organisms on plant community structure and performance. Overall, we aim at a more comprehensive and mechanistic understanding of aboveground-belowground interrelationships in the context of biodiversity research.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Nico Eisenhauer
FSU Jena
Email / Web
Tel.: ++49.3641.94.9410

Prof. Dr. Stefan Scheu
University of Göttingen
Email / Web
Tel.: ++49.551.39.5445