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sp5 Consumer Community Structure and Stability

Consumer communities rely on plants for food and habitat. Therefore, changes in plant diversity may influence the ability of ecosystems to support complex consumer communities. The goal of this subproject is to identify and predict which aspects of consumer community structure will be sensitive to changes in plant diversity.

To do this we have developed a well-resolved food web composed of roughly 1200 taxa that have been collected and identified in the Jena Experiment over the last 13 years. We are quantifying the temporal and structural variation in community and network properties along the plant diversity gradient. These properties include metrics that are related to food web stability, such as connectivity, modularity and over-dominance of focal motifs, as well as measures of community composition.
To test the generality of our results, we will compare changes in consumer community and network structure observed in the Jena Experiment with similar metrics reported in other ecosystems and experiments. Our findings will help prioritize conservation efforts by identifying species and patterns of species interactions that have the largest impacts on consumer community stability.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Alexandra-Maria Klein
University of Freiburg
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Tel.: +49.761.203.67770

Prof. Dr. Stefan Scheu
University of Göttingen
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Tel.: +49.551.39.5445

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weisser
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Tel.: +49.8161.71.3496

Dr. Jes Hines
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Tel.: +49.3419.73.3172

Dr. Anne Ebeling
FSU Jena
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Dr. Darren Giling
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